A Multilingual Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Tragedy

Presented by Will Pewitt (Producer/Director)

Oct. 20 - Nov. 17, 2023

Cast Members

Headshot of Marlo Crosby

Marlo Crosby (Othello) is ecstatic to be making their debut with UNF Shakespeare. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Marlo has been an active performer for six years within the city. They are grateful to their family and friends for supporting them and the incredible cast and crew of Othello for making this show as special as it is. 


Christine Casey (Desdemona) is a dynamic actress with more than 15 years in theatre. She is known for her diverse roles, including Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. Off-stage, Christine is a Digital Marketing Account Manager and M.B.A. student at UNF, attributing her success to the support from family and friends.

Headshot of Evan Lepore

Evan Lepore (Iago) is ravenous to be appearing in yet another classic Shakespeare play. His previous credits include Benedict (Much Ado About Nothing), Mercutio (Mask), and Claudius (Hamlet), all of of which were with UNF Shakespeare. During the day he is a Junior studying for a degree in English.

Headshot of Skyler Carlson

Skyler Carlson (Emilia) is a sophomore studying English education with a theatre minor. Although this is her first show with UNF Shakespeare, she has performed with other institutions in Into the Woods (Baker’s Wife), Dearly Departed (Lucille), and Sunday in the Park with George (Celeste 1). She is honored to be a part of this cast, and hopes you enjoy the show!

Headshot of Nahum Hagos

Nahum Hagos (Cassio) is originally from Jacksonville and in his first year at the University of North Florida. His prior work in theater includes playing Stache in Peter and the Star Catcher, Hades and Mr. D in The Lightning Thief: The Percy Jackson Musical, Hercule Poirot in Murder on the Orient Express, and The Baker in Into the Woods.

Headshot of Naomi Munoz

Nahomi Muñoz (Roderigo) is a senior attending Jacksonville University. She has performed in productions such as Cabaret as Emcee, Tartuffe as Tartuffe and Julius Caesar as Cassius. She is so grateful and excited to be working with UNF Shakespeare again in Othello! She dedicates each and every one of her performaces to her family and friends.

Headshot of Joselien Vasallo

Joselien Vasallo (Bianca) is a UNF student majoring in interdisciplinary studies with a focus in film and theater. The entertainment industry has been a great interest of hers since she was young and hopes to be involved in the creation of many productions whether on stage or on screen.

Headshot of Chase Hartman

Chase Hartman (Montano) is a videographer who has been involved with past shows by UNF Shakespeare, including Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Mask of Night, and Much Ado About Nothing. He loves voice acting (he runs a side hustle as a freelance VoiceOver artist), and also enjoys drumming, gaming, drawing, and exploring.

Headshot of Jack Griffis

Jack Griffis (Brabantio) is a creative writing and history major at UNF who has participated in theater since high school and seeks to have a deeper understanding of Shakespeare. He occasionally submits his writings to a variety of small literature outlets, and in his free time often spends both time and money on the pursuit of used books.

Headshot of Julianne Rotne

Julianne Rotne (Duchess/Lodovica) is a proud alumna of UNF and is thrilled to bring this production of Othello to you. She has recently performed in UNF Shakespeare’s Midsummer She would also like to dedicate this performance to her friend, Heather, and her grandfather, Milton, who are both with us in spirit.

Headshot of Kenneth Wright

Kenneth Wright (Officer 1/Othello understudy) Kenneth Wright is a public health major as well as a soldier in the National Guard. He has performed in various theatrical roles in shows such as The Little Mermaid, Little Shop of Horrors, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Headshot of Now Simon

Noa Simon (Officer 2/Cassio understudy) has been apart of many productions in high school and is glad to do his first college production with this UNF troupe and wants to thank his cast mates and family for their support.

Headshot of Brook Reams

Brooke Reams (Watchman 1) graduated with a B.A. in evolutionary neuroscience with a minor in ASL, has been in more than 23 musicals and plays throughout her childhood, and several more in her college years, including As You Like It and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. She wishes you all a good time at the show today, and hopes you enjoy the rest of your time with us.

Headshot of Jamie Getman

Jamie Getman (Watchman 2/Senator 2/Iago understudy) is a psychology and fine arts student at UNF. She has done a number of UNF Shakespeare performances — playing Guildenstern in Hamlet, Banquo in Mask of Night, and Lysander in Midsummer Singles. She would like to thank her brothers and boyfriend for always supporting her!

Headshot of Lila Massebeau

Lila Massebeau (Attendant 1/Senator 1/Desdemona understudy) is a sophomore at UNF with a marketing major and a theatre minor. She has been involved in several shows with UNF Shakespeare and The Swoop Troupe, involved in Othello, and hopes everyone enjoys the show!

Headshot of Avery Rutzen

Avery Rutzen (Attendant 2/Senator 3/Emilia understudy) is delighted to be working with UNF Shakespeare for the third time. Recent roles include being a part of the Watch in Much Ado about Nothing and starring as Helena in an adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Headshot of Clio Chazan-Gabbard

Clio Chazan-Gabbard (Assistant Stage Manager, Prop Master, Dancer 1/Servant 1) is a senior at UNF, majoring in sociology and minoring in psychology. With a background in ballet, she has always loved performing. Although she has not acted much, seeing UNF Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The Mask of Night, and Much Ado About Nothing inspired her to try something new.

Headshot of Sarah Baron

Sarah Baron (Dancer 2/Servant 2, Run Crew), a UNF computer science alumni, grew up in Lenox, Massachusetts, where she participated in a few Shakespeare plays with Shakespeare and Company. She is also an artist and enjoys working with multiple mediums. When not working, you can find her at the beach, in the forest, cooking a new cuisine, or reading a book.

Headshot of Anecia Francis

Anecia Francis (Priest/Messenger/Bianca understudy, Makeup) is an advertising major in her junior year at UNF. Her past roles were Silena Beauregard and James Brown in The Lightning Thief. She also was the makeup director for Roger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Both of these productions were presented by Swoop Troupe Musical Theater.

Headshot of Michelle Dumars

Michelle Dumars (Roderigo understudy, Run Crew) is a sophomore undergraduate that is double majoring in art and English, but has a passion for acting and theatre. This is Dumar’s second Shakespeare production at UNF and third theatre production at UNF.

Stage Crew

Headshot of Will Pewitt

Will Pewitt (Director, Producer, Script, Translation (Arabic), Set, Props, Marketing, Social Media, Logistics, and Fundraising) A translator of Arabic poetry who teaches Creative Writing, Global Literature, and Shakespeare with UNF’s Department of English, Will also holds a Faculty Fellowship with the Hicks Honors College. His initial concept for this show emerged out of years engaging in the rich experiences of writing, translating, and teaching alongside UNF’s inspiring students.

Headshot of Janson Cobiella

Janson Cobiella (Assistant Director, Set Team, Script, Art Director) is an actor, writer, and designer from Stuart, Florida. He has been playing characters and working production with UNF Shakespeare since 2021, including directing an ’80s version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Janson hopes that you discover something of bright meaning in our shadowed tragedy.

Headshot of Jade Marino

Jade Marino (Assistant Director, Script, Costuming) is a UNF Graduate student with degrees in both classical voice and English. She has 12 years of experience between operatic and theatrical productions and is a regular member of UNF Shakespeare with experience performing, script adapting, and now assistant directing.

Headshot of Emma Avros

Emma Avros (Production Manager, Head of Costumes, Intimacy Coordinator, Choreographer, Greek Translator, Script, Makeup) has used their psychology and creative writing degrees to their full extent for this production. They spend their rare free time annotating books, staring at a blank Google doc, and hunting for their future M.F.A. program.

Headshot of Camila Lopez-McCarl

Camila López-McCarl (Producer, Translation (Spanish), Script, Costuming, Set Team, Makeup) is delighted to be a do-er of many things in her fist production. She has been involved with the show through script adaptations, as producer, Spanish translator, and through her participation on the costuming and makeup teams.

Headshot of Jessie Ronceivic

Jessie Roncevic (Stage Manager, Script, Costuming, Set Team, Artist) is a junior majoring in biology and minoring in creative writing. She loves reading about science and history, spending time with her best friends and family, and gardening. Jessie enjoys hanging out with her dog Rain and with her army of rescue animals. She hopes that you enjoy the show!

Headshot of Cameron Carmello-Renfrow

Cameron Carmello-Renfrow (Script, Graphic Designer, Set Team, Social Media) is honored to be working as technical director for this production of Othello. Cameron is the theater teacher at  Oakleaf High School. She graduated from Auburn University in 2019 and has loved teaching others the craft of theater ever since. 

Headshot of Megha Mohan

Megha Mohan (Script, Graphic Designer, Set Team, Social Media) is an English major at UNF who created epic art and posters for this production. Aside from being a Shakespeare fan, thinking constantly about literature, and watching obscene amounts of TV, you can find them doodling away on blank canvases with intense concentration.

Headshot of Ella Michaels

Ella Michels (Set Team) is delighted to be working crew on this production of Othello. They are a student at University of North Florida and are majoring in business intelligence. This will be their first time working on a theatre production at UNF.

Headshot of Carlotte Arechederra

Charlotte Arechederra (Assistant Stage Manager, Set Team, Costuming) is delighted to assist in costuming, set, and as an assistant stage manager in their first production. They are a student at the University of North Florida majoring in psychology and English with a minor in sociology!

Headshot of Red Murray

Reu Murray (Tech Assistant/Assistant Stage Manager) is delighted to be making their debut with UNF Shakespeare. Recent credits include Mama Mia and Shrek the Musical with their high school. They are starting their second year studying video and film production at UNF, and would like to thank Charlotte for convincing them to join the tech crew.

Headshot of Sarah Hansen

Sarah Hansen (Assistant Stage Manager) is a junior at UNF studying public relations and political science. They have served in a variety of positions in theater on productions, including being a light and sound tech for a performance of the board game Clue. In her free time, she coaches competitive swimming and is a Learning Community assistant on campus.

Headshot of Arani Cooray

Arani Cooray (Set Team) is delighted to be a part of the set design crew in her first production. She is a student at the University of North Florida, majoring in economics with a minor in urban and metropolitan studies.

Ashlyn Davidson (Marketing, Photographer, Social Media) is a junior studying political science at UNF as a student in the Hicks Honors College. She is working at the Osprey Involvement Center and in her free time she enjoys painting and reading.

Headshot of Dakota Jacks

Dakota Jacks (Tech Crew and Sound) is in his second year at UNF, and is working in the crew mostly on sound but also assisting with lighting. Dakota is excited to be back into crew work after having focused more on acting recently. Enjoy the show!

Headshot of Hana Kabil

Hana Kabil (Translation (Arabic)) is delighted to be helping Professor Pewitt and the UNF Shakespeare cast with the production of Othello, primarily with Arabic translation and pronunciation. She is an Egyptian-American senior biology major with a literature minor. She’s excited to help in any way she can!

Headshot of Nicole Knorr

Nicole Knorr (Music Composition) is a composer and pianist, currently pursuing an M.M. in composition at the University of Michigan. She is an alum of UNF, and was awarded the Presser Scholarship in music during her time at the university.

Headshot of Stacie Magaliene

Stacie Magaliene (Script and Set Team) is a Hicks Honors College student studying information technology with minors in Chinese and leadership. She’s glad to be of assistance in the production of Othello, and looks forward to new opportunities that will push her out of her comfort zone.

Headshot of Gabe Medina

Gabe Medina (Translation (Italian)) is delighted to have assisted as the Italian translator in his first production. He is a UNF student majoring in marketing/management/French. He works as a language/business tutor on campus for SASS and the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Headshot of Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith (Tech and Operations) is a junior studying history and political science at the University of North Florida. He helps facilitate an Honors course called Model US with Professor Pewitt and serves as the Osprey Involvement Center assistant director within the UNF Student Government.

Headshot of Cameron Tefft

Cameron Tefft (Set Designer) is a mechanical engineering student at UNF. He is passionate about the design process, from parts of machinery to works of art, and has been involved in this project since its initial design discussions over a year ago.

Headshot of Makayla Martin

Makayla Martin (Set Team, Construction, and Operations) has been fascinated with art and woodwork from a young age, and she found her fix within theatre during high school, which allowed a childlike imagination to be born to life. Working on this project has let her relive those playful memories and reminded her of what she fell in love with years ago.

Headshot of Asim Reshamwala

Asim Reshamwala is originally from Tampa, Florida but is currently in his junior year studying business intelligence at UNF. He helped as stage crew for A Midsummer Night's Dream and is excited to be back to help as stage crew for Othello!