Othello has been an 18-month journey, beginning when Prof. Will Pewitt first started talking to students about his concept and crew positions, including production manager Emma Avros and assistant directors Janson Cobiella and Jade Marino. The process then moved to over 90 drafts editing the original Shakespearean script, before Prof. Pewitt and the other translators began transforming select lines into the characters' historically accurate “comfort languages,” to borrow a phrase of producer Camila López-McCarl. Scripters and artists Megha Mohan, Jesse Roncevic, Stacie Magaliene joined the team soon after, and once casting commenced, bringing in Clio Chazan-Gabbard, a dancer on stage who oversees props behind the scenes. Dozens of other UNF students have contributed their time and talents to putting the show’s various pieces together to pave the way for our stellar cast to bring it to life beginning with summer rehearsals all the way up to the show run. Come catch the work of our cast and crew pictured below, and see Marlo Crosby (Othello), Christine Casey (Desdemona), and Evan Lepore (Iago) light up the stage!

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