2007 – 2009

University of Arizona  |   Master of Fine Arts

Creative Writing (specialization in Fiction)


2005 – 2007

Trinity University  |   Bachelor of Arts (graduated cum laude)

Double Major in Modern American Studies and English

Double Minor in History and Art History


Teaching Experience


2020 – present     Faculty Fellow (Hicks Honors College): University of North Florida

Teaching half of course load in Honors, with specific focus on First-Year Writing and the First-Year Experience, while developing service-learning components with organizations such as Communities in Schools and the New American Welcome Center. Beginning in Fall 2021, piloted the experiential learning course titled “Model U.S.” that simulates a Class Congress paired with co-curricular service-learning activities. To engage upper-level undergraduates with Honors, mentoring and training is provided for student co-teachers while also piloting seminars such as “Global Mythology” or “From Page to Stage” on script modernization in order to create space for the arts to foster self-expression, personal wellness, and community building through active learning and constructive collaboration.


2018 – present     Instructor: University of North Florida

Teaching three to four courses per semester within the fields of Creative Writing, Global Literatures, and Composition while also spearheading interdisciplinary initiatives such as the Constitution Week Essay Contest. In addition to First-Year Writing courses, teaches a trio of surveys that take students from Western Lit to World Lit—from antiquity to post-modernity. In Creative Writing, a number of special topics courses have been piloted, from genre fiction workshops to a seminar on Shakespeare called “Reading Like a Writer.” Beyond the classroom, serves as faculty advisor for Talon Review and UNF Shakespeare while arranging other collaborative projects both on and off campus, most recently a showcase of CRW students’ ekphrastic writing alongside MOCA’s upcoming exhibit Fifty.


2013 – 2018     Visiting Instructor: University of North Florida

Taught four courses per semester of Literature, Composition, and Creative Writing. Subject matter often prioritized World Lit, utilizing interdisciplinary approaches to topics such as collective identity seen through the lens of New Historicism. Curriculum was also designed for special topics courses such as “Power & Literature” charting sociological dynamics between power structures and national epics among literary traditions around the world.


2010 – 2013     Adjunct Instructor: University of North Florida

Taught three courses per semester of Composition, Literature, and Creative Writing. Subject matter often covered Post-Modern Lit with a focus on textual analysis and historical contextualization. Also designed a seminar on the novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, and piloted experiential approaches to rhetorical awareness in a “Class Congress” simulation.


Courses Taught

CRW 2000: “Introduction to Creative Writing”

CRW 2100: “Introduction to Fiction Writing”

CRW 3110: “Fiction Workshop”

CRW 3930: “Special Topics: Reading Like a Writer”

CRW 3930: “Special Topics: Scripting for Television”

ENC 1101: “Writing for Audience & Purpose”

ENC 1143: “Writing with Evidence & Style”

ENC 1143 (Honors): “Philosophy in Science Fiction”

ENC 3250: “Professional Communications”

ENC 3250: “Professional Communications in the Social Sciences”


ENL 3333: “Shakespeare”

IDH 1923: “Model U.S.”

IDH 1996 (Honors): “Global Mythology”

IDH 1997 (Honors): “From Page to Stage”

IDS 1932 (Honors): “Mythmaking: From Demeter to Disney”

LIT 2000: “Introduction to Literature”

LIT 2000 (Honors): “Intro to Western Literature”

LIT 2110: “World Literature I”

LIT 2120: “World Literature II”

LIT 2443: “Special Topics: Power & Literature”

Independent Studies


            “Multilingualism in Education”

            “Script Adaptation”

            “Global Mythography”

            “Arts Fundraising & Grant Writing”

            “Theater Production”

            “Public Relations”

            “Novel Writing: Drafting & Structuring”

            “Model U.S. Facilitation”

            “Mythmaking Facilitation”